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Powys Health, Care and Social Care Academy

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The Academy is part of a Wales-wide initiative to increase local access to education, training and development across the health and social care sector. Our job is specifically focused on the workforce in Powys.

The ambition is for it to support the sector to be among the top choices for those entering or returning to the jobs market in the county, and for it to become an exemplar provider of rural professional and clinical education through both its physical and virtual spaces. 

The Academy will also support the development of our leaders and the workforce, including volunteers and unpaid carers, who deliver exemplary innovative models of care to our citizens in a timely and effective way. 

School of Professional and Clinical Education and Training logo

This will build a strong reputation of applied study across all health and social care specialities, giving learners the opportunities to gain professional and clinical skills and expertise in modern simulation environments, whilst studying alongside other multi-disciplinary teams and professionals, embedding peer support and collaborative working.

School of Research, Development and Innovation logo

The aim is to equip the county’s health and social care workforce with the skills and confidence to identify improvement needs in their areas, and to systematically make those improvements, measuring and demonstrating the impact that they have on citizen patient experience.

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This will aid the development of leaders across the whole health and social care sector in Powys, through investment in system and collective leadership and through the Leading Digital Transformation Wales Intensive Learning Academy (ILA).

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This will focus on providing education, training and development support to volunteers and unpaid carers, as a core and important part of the broader workforce. There will be a skills development portfolio on offer.

Academy sites

The plenary space in Basil Webb Hall

The Academy's physical spaces are going to be based on a 'hub and spoke' model.


There will be main sites, or hub sites, at Bronllys Hospital, and on the planned North Powys Wellbeing Campus, in the centre of Newtown. And satellite sites, or spoke sites, at other locations across Powys, depending on where a need is identified.

Careers in Health and Social Care

Providing health or social care could see you work with people of all ages, from babies through to older adults and is often viewed as one of society’s greatest necessities.

Health care deals with the diagnosis and the prescribing of treatment for both physical and mental illness, while social care supports people who use care facilities or who want to live independently in their own homes. 


Both aim to promote good health, independence and wellbeing.

Powys Health, Care and Social Care Academy logo

For further information on the academy and its work please contact us. Email:

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