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How the board is resourced

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The Board uses its allocation from Welsh Government’s Regional Integration Fund (RIF) as a key resource.

Decisions around the use of RIF funding are made collectively by the Board’s members. Proposals for how it is used are put forward by the Board’s partnerships (Start Well, Live Well, Age Well) which involves the input of other stakeholders and citizen/carer representatives.

The spend of RIF funding has been closely monitored by the Board. Not only does this ensure good financial management of the funding but also maximises the benefits from it. Additional funds are also committed for some projects and there continues to be significant contributions of time and staff resource to the Board, its partnerships and projects.

Other sources of Welsh Government funding has also been accessed to help resource the work of the RPB, specifically Transformation Funding. As the RPB continues to develop it will continue to seek opportunities to access other funding to maximise the reach and impact of its work.

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