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For the purposes of Regional Partnership Boards the Welsh Government has divided Wales into seven regions based on the footprint of Wales' Health Boards. Powys is unique because the local council footprint is the same as Powys Teaching Health Board, so Powys is considered a region in itself.

This has benefits and challenges. The benefits are that the level of negotiation and consensus is much simpler; the challenge is that the number of people to draw on is less and often the same people sit on a number of partnership fora.

Although the Regional Partnership Board sets the direction for joint work on health and care in Powys and takes the big decisions about that work, it also has subsidiary partnerships which involve a much wider group of people and organisations in the work done to deliver the Board’s objectives and priorities.

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Members of the Regional Partnership Board (2022-23):

Carl Strack - Citizen Member

Carol Shillabeer - Chief Executive of Powys Teaching Health Board (PTHB)

Clair Swales  - Interim Chief Executive of Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (RPB Co-Vice Chair)

Cllr Sian Cox - Cabinet Member for a Caring Powys (RPB Co-Vice Chair)

Cllr Sue McNicholas - Cabinet Member for Future Generations (job share)

Cllr Sandra Davies - Cabinet Member for Future Generations (job share)

Estelle Hitchon - Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Hayley Thomas - Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Primary Care, Community and Mental Health Services (PTHB)

Helen Wear - Citizen Member

Kim Spelman - Carers Member

Kirsty Williams - Vice Chair of Powys Teaching Health Board (RPB Chair)

Lynette Lovell - Director of Education and Children, PCC

Melanie Minty - Policy Advisor (Care Forum Wales)

Meriona Davies - Carers Member

Nina Davies - Director of Social Services and Housing, PCC (interim)

Sandra White - Service Manager (Action for Children)

Steve Jones - Service Manager (Barcud) 

Director of Public Health – currently vacant

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