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The North Powys Wellbeing programme is a once in a generation opportunity to improve health and wellbeing across north Powys. Plans are underway to develop a new state of the art facility in Newtown. This will be connected to a number of community wellbeing hubs to offer more services locally and bring the latest technology and training to mid Wales.

The multi-agency wellbeing campus would include primary education, health, social care and supported accommodation. The views of local residents have been listened to and they will be used to develop the plans so that we can be sure that we're meeting the needs of local people and what matters most in our communities

The North Powys Wellbeing Programme aims to focus on wellbeing; promote early help and support by being able to provide technology that helps you live at home; tackle the biggest causes of ill health and poor wellbeing; and ensure joined up care involving neighbourhood teams and communities working together, ensuring a more seamless service when it's needed.

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