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Regional Innovation Coordination Hub

What is a Regional Innovation Coordination Hub?

The Powys Regional Innovation Coordination (RIC) Hub is one of a network of
Hubs across Wales. The Hubs are funded by Welsh Government Transformation
Funding. The main aim is to coordinate and support all research, innovation
and improvement activity across the Regional Partnership Board (RPB) space.

Our story so far… 

The Hub was established in May 2020 and despite the impacts of COVID-19 since our beginning, we have demonstrated our commitment and delivered against our plan to develop our contextual understanding; improve the quality and value of the research, innovation and improvement activity within our RPB footprint; and contribute our learning and ideas to the wider network of RIC hubs across Wales. 

In the last year, our small core team of three has supported the COVID response effort and the mass vac campaign on top of conducting a large piece of work gathering the insights and lessons learned from the health board workforce around their experiences of the pandemic. We have listened to our colleagues and peers across the partnership space around their ideas for innovation, digital technologies and new ways of working and are supporting several projects get underway. We have conducted and supported a number of evaluations, including those funded by the ICF and Transformation Fund as well as those at service and project level in the health board. We have developed collaborative funding bids for research and AI innovations with academic and industry partners as well as supporting individual researchers through their journey.

What we can do for you…

The RIC Hub is a resource for all research, innovation and improvement activity in the RPB space, and what that means is we are here to support and facilitate you, if you are working in, or are interested in anything to do with research, innovation, improvement, evaluation or evidence analysis.

Contact us

If you have any questions, queries or support needs around research, innovation or improvement, including evaluation work or you would like to share any research, ideas, reports, outputs or learning of work that you think would benefit others, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the below methods.

Email -

Facebook - Stay Well in PTHB | Facebook

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